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A Great Sound System: The Key to a Flawless Wedding Ceremony!

Your guests are taking time out of their lives--and often also traveling great distances--to share your wedding day. You should make sure that they are able to clearly hear the ceremony take place.

With all our services, we strive to do things the right way--even if the right way isn't the cheapest. Our ceremony sound package is no exception.  

Wireless lapel microphone
Our ceremony sound package utilizes a high quality wireless lapel microphone with a large-area pickup pattern. Your guests will be able to hear the officiant--and every word of your wedding vows to each other will be crystal clear.

Microphones on stands for readers or vocalists
Whether you have someone read scripture, a poem, or share their vocal talents, it won't add much to the ceremony if the guests can't hear them. We provide microphones on stands as necessary to accommodate the specifics of your ceremony--and make sure everyone is heard!

Amplification for live musicians
If you choose to have live musicians provide some or all of your ceremony music, we can provide amplification through our sound system to enhance their performance. No matter the instrumentation, we will work with your musicians to provide them input into our system, or mic their instruments. We've worked with harps, string quartets, brass and woodwind ensembles, piano/keyboard players, guitars, and more!

A complete second sound system
We use dedicated equipment for all ceremony packages. This makes us more expensive than some providers, however provides significant technical and logistical advantages. Because the ceremony system is completely separate, the reception system is completely set up and ready to go for a smooth, immediate transition. Background music will be playing inside the reception venue as soon as your ceremony concludes. Using two systems also allows much better opportunity to test and adjust each sound system for its intended purpose--which is hugely important in avoiding microphone feedback and other problems.

Prelude music starting 30 minutes before ceremony
All ceremony-related equipment will be completely set up a minimum of 30 minutes before your scheduled start time. Unless you have live musicians playing the prelude, we will provide background music as guests are arriving and being seated.

Experienced DJ attendant
While we strive to be hidden in our role of a wedding ceremony, we do a lot to ensure everything goes smoothly. We have mute controls on all microphones--so your officiant or reader won’t have to remember to turn their microphone on or off. Any microphone not in use will be muted--which reduces the opportunity for screeching feedback or unnecessary wind noise. In addition, keeping microphones muted until they're needed allows private communication among your wedding party--if the officiant is instructing you prior to walking down the aisle or during a sand ceremony, your guests won't hear every comment. We are always monitoring and adjusting volumes to ensure optimal volume for your guests to hear what is taking place. On the music side, we are prepared to adjust songs longer or shorter as necessary. If your flower girl and ring bearer take some coaxing before they proceed, we're ready to keep the music playing until they make it to the front. If your wedding party walks down the aisle quicker than in rehearsal, we'll fade out and avoid the awkward waiting as everyone stands at the front waiting for the song to finish.
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