• Do your wedding packages include lighting? +

    Though the lighting included differs depending on which package you choose, all wedding packages include some form of lighting to enhance the atmosphere during your dance.

    All packages include colored wash lights that flood the dancefloor with color. The wash lights flash to the music at a rate we control to fit the music; we can also lock specific colors on or off (for instance, we’ll often do a constant pink or red wash of the dancefloor for slow songs).

    The Deluxe Package adds moving beam effect lights, which are sound active and respond to the music to create a variety of colored patterns on the walls/floor/ceiling.

    The Signature Package upgrades to computer-programmable fixtures featuring color-changing flood lights, two moving beam scanners, and one multi-beam effect with rotating/swiveling beams.

  • What do we gain from upgraded dance lighting? +

    The type of fixtures included with the Signature Package are capable of providing a much greater variety of colors, beam shapes, and movements. These brighter lights, in conjunction with high-quality optic components, lead to more vivid patterns projected on the walls, floor, and ceiling. The programmable nature of these fixtures enables us to create different "looks" tailored to fit the typoe of atmosphere we want to create at various moments during your reception. Because we can pre-program specific beam positions, these fixtures also allows us to create spotlight effects for your bridal party entrance, cake cutting, toasts, bride & groom kisses, etc if the room layout allows.

  • Do you use fog or haze? +

    In general, no. While it makes the lights look much cooler, most venues don’t allow it. If yours does and you would like fog, let us know and we can likely accommodate your request.

  • Do you have a strobe light? +

    Yes, however because they can be somewhat irritating to older guests we generally do not use them for weddings unless requested by the client.

  • Do you have a disco ball? +

    Yes—while this is not included in the standard lighting configuration it can be included by request

  • Do you have a bubble machine? +

    Yes—it is available for a small additional cost. Please check with your venue before requesting, as many do not allow bubbles.

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