• What do your wedding reception packages include? +

    • Complete setup, testing, and adjustment to room acoustics prior to guests’ arrival.
    • A trained, experienced formally-attired Master of Ceremonies, and usually a formally-attired assistant.
    • Clear, concise announcements to introduce the bridal party and keep guests informed of what’s happening when.
    • Behind-the-scenes coordination with other vendors and persons involved in special activities/dances to keep things flowing smoothly.
    • Your complete oversight into the style of event we create and the music we play.
    • Speakers configured to cover the entire room for announcements and low-volume background music during dinner.
    • Speakers re-configured to focus sound on dance floor after dance starts, so the music is adequately loud for people dancing while also allowing guests to chat comfortably in the back of the room.
    • A wireless microphone you can use so everyone can hear the toasts, blessing, and other announcements.
    • Lighting to enhance the atmosphere of your dance. (Lighting details vary with package.)

  • Do you offer any upgrades? +

    All packages are designed to fit the needs of a typical wedding reception without the need for additional equipment. However, we do offer several upgrades to enhance the atmosphere of your reception and provide additional entertainment options for your guests:
    Color Uplighting - Colored lights shining up the wall transform the appearance of the room, coordinate with your wedding colors, and provide ambient light without seeming bright.
    Enhanced Lighting - Programmable lighting creates wider variety of colors, beam, shapes, and movements. Capability to spotlight entrance, first dance, toasts.
    Ceremony Sound - Ensure your guests can hear every word of your vows as well as your service. Music playback or amplifcation of live musicians; additional microphones for scripture/poetry readings or vocalists.
    Video screen/projector - A variety of capabilities and screen sizes are available to help share your slideshow with all your guests
    Karaoke - 1200+ songs from all eras, with four microphones to accomodate group singing
    Photo Booth - Instant prints for your guests to keep plus scrapbook full of crazy photos and handwritten messages for you. Includes scrapbook and personalized photo strip border design.
    Monogram Projection - Project your monogram onto the center of the dance floor or onto the wall behind the head table
    Balloon Drop - Hundreds of balloons drift down onto you as you complete your first dance as husband and wife.
  • Will you travel to (fill in the blank)? +

    Most likely, yes. We charge travel based on the time required to get to your location, in order to cover our gas and employee wages for the extra time. You can obtain an exact cost of the travel fee to your location by checking our availability for your date using the tool on our website and entering your information in the interactive quote generator. If your end time is such that we would not be able to tear down (1/2 hour) and travel home to Ames by 3:00 AM, one night’s lodging will also be included in the cost.

  • My ceremony is at 2pm but the reception starts at 5pm, so I can book you from 5pm-11pm, right? +

    Maybe. One of our firmest requirements is that our performance time be scheduled to start when guests are realistically expected to arrive at the reception. In our experience, some guests will go straight from the ceremony to the reception regardless of what the invitation says. Unless the room we’ll be setting up in will be locked until 5pm, the latest we want to start is 2pm + ceremony time + travel time to reception. The rule of thumb we follow is 1 hour for a full-mass Catholic weddings and 30 minutes for anything else.

  • Why do you require your performance time to start when guests are expected to arrive? +

    A multitude of reasons:
    • So we can move in our equipment quickly without having to navigate through or around groups of guests
    • So we can do a full-volume sound check and adjust our sound system to deliver the best sound
    • So we can verify the wireless microphone will work everywhere in the room without interference, feedback, or drop-outs
    • So your guests see a neat and tidy setup when they arrive and have a favorable first impression
    • So we can change into formal attire post-setup so your guests don’t see us in casual clothing
  • Are setup and teardown included? +

    Generally yes, unless there are special requirements associated with your venue.

    We price our services based on performance time. We normally plan to arrive one hour prior to the scheduled performance time to ensure we can perform a sound check and microphone check to ensure we can deliver good audio performance throughout the reception and also have everything tidied up (including changing into formal attire ourselves) so guests have a good first impression when they arrive.
  • What are your setup and power requirements? +

    Our standard wedding package will run reliably on a single 120v circuit, and we request the outlet be located within 25 feet of our setup area. If possible, we prefer the venue provide us a 6’ or 8’ banquet table to set up on. If requested, we can also bring our own table. We carry floor-length black table skirts with all our systems — just in case skirting is not provided by the venue.

  • What are your space requirements? +

    We require adequate space for two DJs and a table (6’ or 8’ provided by venue, unless otherwise requested). Since speakers and lighting are on tripods we can usually fit them around other furniture and decorations without having to allocate space specifically for them. While our space requirements are fairly modest as DJs go, if you anticipate things will be particularly tight for your reception, let us know—we can often work with you to reduce the space we need even further.

  • How long does it take you to set up everything? +

    We normally plan to arrive at the location one hour prior to the event start time. In general we can be up and running in around 30 minutes, so planning to be there an hour ahead of time ensures a minor traffic delay or other problem won’t affect your event.

  • What do you charge? +

    For current pricing personalized to the specifics of your event, use our interactive quote generator. This is accessible by checking your date using the availability & pricing tool on any page of this website.

  • How long does it take you to tear down? +

    We normally allow 30 minutes following the reception to pack up and load equipment. If you are working around specific time constraints of the venue, we will take the steps necessary to be out of the way sooner.

  • Do you have backup equipment? +

    Yes. We normally have at least three music sources (laptop, rack mounted professional dual CD player, backup CD player), so we can switch to another device as necessary. Wired microphones and long cables are always carried in case of a problem with a wireless system. Each system includes a minimum of two amplifiers, so there isa backup if anything should happen to one. We also carry extra cables of every type used in the system—a very common source of failure and noise problems—along with a host of adapters to make sure we can wire around any other equipment failure. Some DJs will tell you backup equipment isn’t necessary and that they’ve never had a problem—but you certainly don’t want their first problem to be at your event if they don’t carry spares!

  • What do you wear? +

    Your primary DJ will wear a full tuxedo unless you request otherwise. We use only full-back vests to maintain a professional appearance whether the jacket is on or off. We use black shirts to help set us apart from wait staff and bridal party members, and silver vests and ties to provide contrast while being as neutral as possible to make sure we don’t clash with your colors.

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