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Steve Saltzman

Steve founded Steve's Mobile Music in July 2000. After helping organize school dances at his small southwest Iowa high school, he saw an opportunity to provide a vastly superior service--and have a lot of fun in the process. From humble beginnings buying a sound system on his mom's credit card, Steve's Mobile Music has grown to what it is today.
Steve has spoken about his company at the 2004-2006 Collegiate Entrepreneur's Iowa Conferences, ISU Entrepreneur Club events, and the Iowa Association of Business and Industry's "Business Horizons" camp. Steve has great interest in entrepreneurship of all types, and enjoys learning from successful business owners as well as sharing his story and experiences with others. He was president of the ISU Entrepreneur Club for the 2004-05 year, and in April 2005 was selected as the third place Global Student Entrepreneur Award winner in the Northern US Region.
Originally hailing from Lenox, Iowa, Steve is a 2005 graduate of Iowa State University with a BS in Electrical Engineering and minor in Entreprenurial Studies. In addition to overseeing DJ operations, he keeps his engineering skills sharp by working part time doing electronics R&D and embedded systems programming. Besides the obligatory long walks on the beach, his interests include cars, stereos, music, or any combination.

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Mike Weldon

Mike Weldon was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa and is a 2011 graduate of Iowa State, majoring in Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management. Mike's favorite cuisine is Italian or Chinese and he likes his movies swift and violent - Saving Private Ryan, Resident Evil and Batman Begins-the exceptions being anything with Michael Chiklis or Jessica Alba in it. His car is normally stocked with plenty of rock, but he's open to other styles. On top of DJing, Mike is part owner of an import garage and works in a hotel. When he saw our ad seeking DJ trainees he wondered if it was a fake, but the next thing he knew he was doing something he'd always been interested in.
His favorite event is the college dance party because, "No offense, but a little beer makes everyone dance." Even without the beer, Mike can get the crowd going. "I've never had an event where we didn't have a good time." Mike's ability to get the crowd going can lead to unexpected results - "The groom mooned his best man in front of everyone. That was a crazy wedding" (note to grooms: do not try this at home). Any spare time left in Mike's life goes to his girlfriend, but he says a brand-new Harley Davidson is higher on his list of priorities than any sort of ring. When he can get away from work and school for a weekend, he tries to work on his car and motorcycle and cuddle - he didn't specify if he meant with the car or the motorcycle.

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Kevin Muehlenthaler

Kevin Muehlenthaler hails from the thriving metropolis of Alleman, Iowa and currently resides in Ames after completing a music education degree at Iowa State University. As an aspiring music teacher, he loves all types of music.
Chocolate, especially when topped with a some caramel and ice cream (but not so much as to overpower the chocolate, of course), is a staple in Kevin's diet. His favorite movies are Fifth Element, Star Wars, everything with Monty Python in the title, The Simpsons Movie, Spaceballs, Team America and any Mel Brooks flick. That, or anything with John Cleese or temptress Jessica Alba.
Kevin likes spending time with his wife, family and friends, at least what's left after honing his amazing talent with a trumpet or dominating the Zerg in the classic computer game, StarCraft.
Someday, Kevin would like to both conduct and perform in a large professional music group, touring Europe if possible. He works hard toward his talents and passions because he always reminds himself of all the breaks and opportunities he's been given to become what he is today. Of course, he did not get all the breaks - he's no good at the piano and wishes he had more hair.
Kevin became a DJ because he loves music, people and celebrations. Just like when he's performing as a musician, he sees DJing as an opportunity to help others enjoy themselves. His experience in theatre, improv and music give him what it takes to be a successful entertainer.

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Joshua Phipps

Joshua Phipps is the most ballin' gangsta guy from Larchwood, Iowa, and a 2012 Mechanical Engineering graduate from Iowa State University.
Joshua is a man with many interests and loves, chief amongst them being FREE FOOD! He is an avid classic and alternative rock fan, with an affinity for classical music as well. While Josh is not eating or head banging to his favorite artists (especially Beethoven) he can be found watching his favorite movies Zombieland and Dark Knight, mightily hurling his disc golf discs, or being the king of the karaoke stage.
Josh wanted to become a DJ because he wanted to up his chances with the ladies - and is now off the market and getting married himself (with Steve's DJing of course). He has many skills that make him an incredible entertainer. His years of stage and voice acting, speech coaching, and performing make him a fantastic DJ for any event.

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Thomas Hayes

Thomas is a 2012 graduate of Iowa State, majoring in Kinesiology and Sports Management. Though he comes from the far off land of Germantown, Ohio, he has adapted to Iowa well. He appreciates Country and Hip-Hop music and also has a fond appreciation of Comedy movie classics like Top Gun, and anything with his favorite hunky actor--Will Smith, though once in a while he does admit sneaking a peak at Jessica Alba.
Thomas has many aspirations in his life, including landing a good sports management job, coaching basketball, and living in Georgia next to a beach. For now he attends Iowa State University where you can find him cruisin' in his sa-weet '99 white Monte Carlo, though he hopes to soon upgrade to a black Dodge Viper with red racing stripes, every young boy's dream.
Thomas wanted to become a DJ because he loves many different types of music and because he wants to help everyone at a party have a good time. Thomas' massive skills in socialization and his incredible knowledge of music make him a fantastic entertainer. His cougar-like prowess in turning a good party into a great one helps Thomas ensure that any event he is DJing is a sweet time.

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