• Will you introduce us and our bridal party? +

    Yes. Because your guests probably don’t know everyone in your bridal party, we feel it is important to recognize them individually at some point in the reception so they can put faces with the names in your program. If desired, we can also include additional descriptive information about each person such as how you know them, a few biographical facts, or funny tidbits/inside jokes. Introductions are most commonly handled as each bridesmaid/groomsman enters the reception, and can be integrated with music to set your desired mood for the reception. In some cases if the bridal party is arriving separately from the bride and groom we will introduce the bride and groom into the reception and then have the bridal party stand up at the head table later (often right before toasts).

  • Will you announce when events will occur so guests know what to expect? +

    Absolutely. We want everyone to have a good time and enjoy themselves in addition to producing a smooth-running event. To do that, we feel it is important to give the guests an opportunity to be involved in the events taking place by announcing them beforehand. We also feel an informed audience is a cooperative audience, so we try to keep everyone informed on what to expect next, and when to expect it. That way they know whether they have time to go to the bathroom or get another drink before the salads come out or the buffet line opens.

  • Will you coordinate reception activities with my photographer/videographer/caterer? +

    Yes. We will work with the caterer to provide accurate time estimates of when food will be served and verify serving procedures. If the catering staff is serving champagne for toasts we will coordinate with them to make sure it happens at the proper time and that all guests have been offered champagne before the toasts begin. If cake will be served at tables, we will also announce that so guests know what to expect.

    In the case of the photographer and/or videographer, we will warn them a few minutes before any major events (such as toasts, cake cutting, formal dances, and bouquet/garter tossing) happen and verify their readiness immediately before announcing any event. This helps them get in the best position to capture each moment and prevents any awkward pauses as the bride and groom stand waiting while a photographer dashes across the room or sets up their equipment.

  • Will you coordinate the blessing with my pastor/dad/uncle/etc? +

    Yes. If there is a blessing we will find the person who will be giving it in advance, introduce ourselves, and discuss the best way to execute it. Normally, we simply note where the person is sitting and when it is time to give the blessing will walk near their table, get the room’s attention, make a simple introduction, and turn the wireless microphone over to them.

  • Will you coordinate toasts with our bridal party? +

    Yes. Toasts serve as your bridal party’s chance to salute you by sharing publicly their thoughts, feelings, and memories of past experiences. Whether the information they share is funny, emotional, or embarrassing, it can create many powerful and memorable moments for you and your guests.

    Usually, however, the people expected to deliver toasts are not professional public speakers, and this huge opportunity to enhance your reception can quickly become a train wreck if guests aren’t able to hear what they’re saying or there is an equipment malfunction. Here are some of the procedures we go through to ensure your toasts go smoothly:
    • When we set up, we test the wireless microphone from the toasting location to verify proper operation without cutting out or causing feedback. (“Feedback” is the annoying high-pitched screeching you hear when someone turns up a microphone too much—or more likely fails to properly set up and adequately test their system).
    • As the toasts near, we will verify who will be giving toasts and the order they will be going in.
    • We will coach those people on proper microphone technique and the biggest secret to giving a successful toast (we don’t want to give this secret to our competition and therefore will not explain it here, but if you ask us we’ll be happy to tell you).
    • When it nears time to give the toasts, we will either warn guests that toasts are coming up and they should get something in their glasses or verify that champagne has been offered to all guests by the serving staff.
    • We will also warn the photographer and videographer and verify they are ready, as well as verify the entire bridal party is present at the head table and let those giving toasts know we’re getting close.
    • We will then make a brief announcement to get the audience’s attention and introduce the first toaster.
    • Once the toast activities are concluded we will make a brief announcement to let the guests know it is ok to resume their conversations and inform them of the subsequent schedule.

  • Will you coordinate formal dances with my bridal party/mom/dad? +

    Yes. We normally do the first dance, bridal party dance, and parent dances in one block. Before we start the first one, we find everyone involved in those events and let them know they’re going to be needed shortly and not to go anywhere. Our experience has sometimes shown groomsmen to be poor listeners so we occasionally have a straggler coming in a few seconds into the bridal party dance. However, parents usually listen better, so you don’t need to worry about a bunch of dead air killing the mood while waiting for dad to get back from the bathroom to start the father/daughter dance.

  • Do you put events on a timeline? +

    Yes and no. We will establish an order of events and approximate times with you in advance. However it is very rare everything goes exactly as planned. As such, we go with the flow of the event and will not be pushy if we’re a little ahead or behind what the timeline says.

  • Do you do any games? +

    We are familiar with many common wedding games, but normally use games only if yourequest them. There are differing schools of thought on this; ours is that our role is to provide music for the guests that want to dance, and if some choose to chat and catch up with friends or family they haven’t seen in a while that’s their decision. If you anticipate having a “tough crowd” and a full dance floor is important to you, we will work with you ahead of time to find tactful audience participation activities to help break the ice without singling anyone out or forcing them to participate.

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