What is Uplighting?

Uplights are a special configuration of theatrical lights that are positioned at floor level throughout the room and aimed up to wash the walls and ceiling with a color of your choice.  This provides a very unique and elegant look and increases the ambient light level in the room without making it seem bright.

What Can Uplighting be Used For?

  • Transform the Look of a Room Uplights can add color far faster and easier than decorating with fabric or other means.  You choose the colors--just about anything is possible.  Colors can be school or wedding colors, or matched to your theme.  For instance, we've used yellow uplights to give the feel of streetlights for a city rooftop themed event, green uplights to give the appearance of foliage for a jungle themed event, and pink and teal to highlight decorations of a 50's themed event.

  • Increase Ambient Light Level VERY useful for school dances in gyms, cafeterias, and other ope areas--uplights can be used to illuminate the rear and sides so overhead lights don't need to be turned on for safety (nothing kills atmosphere like a bunch of bright overhead flourescent fixtures).  The key concept is that it doesn't seem bright because the light is reflected off the walls and ceiling, rather than shining directly at students or guests.

  • Highlight, Illuminate, or Colorize Specific Decorations Typically uplights are spread throughout the room to provide a consistent look and even lighting everywhere.  However, should you have certain areas you want to highlight--for instance the head table at a wedding or a specific decoration at a prom--uplights can accomplish this feat by using them in smaller quantities.

  • Make Tables Glow If you use white floor-length table skirts, you can position uplights under the table and get really cool effects shining the colored light on the back of the skirting.  In general this works best if people aren't seated at the table--i.e. for buffet tables, wedding cake tables, or similar.

How Does it Work?

  • We work with you to determine how many fixtures it will take to meet your goals.

  • You choose the color(s) you want the uplights to project on your walls, ceiling, or decorations.

  • We come set everything up, or we will rent you the fixtures to set it up yourself (no charge setup when booked in conjunction with any DJ package).


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