• The Fallacy of Unlimited Photo Booth Prints

    Most photo booth companies claim to offer unlimited prints for the time frame you have their booth. Make sure you ask exactly what that means!

    Nearly all photo booths are set up to use 4x6 photo media--which if you are doing a traditional photo strip gets cut in half (either by the printer or manually with a cutter) to yield two 2x6" strips.

    In many cases, our competitors advertise "unlimited prints", but what they really mean is unlimited sessions. You can go through the booth as many times as you want (as time allows) but you only get two photo strips per session.

    What happens if a group of more than two people go through the booth? Only two of them get photo strips to keep--and the rest are left with nothing and have to go back through the line.

    Or even worse, what happens if you're also putting together a photo booth scrapbook? Guests are forced to choose between keeping a strip for themselves and putting one in the book for the guest(s) of honor.

    When we say our photo booth packages include unlimited prints, we mean it. We print extra copies so if a group goes through the booth each person gets one--no matter how large. And if we're doing a photo booth scrapbook, we print an extra for that, as well.

    We want everyone who uses our photo booth (guests and clients) to be as happy as possible, and artificially limiting the number of prints by only allowing two per session just isn't good customer service. Yes, perhaps we're not sapping out quite as much profit as some of our competitors, but we think our way is a whole lot better.

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