Full Service Balloon Drops

What is a Balloon Drop?

A balloon drop is a large quantity of balloons rigged into an overhead net.  At an appropriate time (usually the climax of your event) the balloons are released and fall downward showering whomever is positioned under the net in a sea of color and movement.

What Can I Use a Balloon Drop For?

  • Prom, Homecoming, Winter Formal, or other school dances  Balloons usually released near the end of the dance--builds energy to that point and encourages students to stay to the end.

  • School Pep Rallies  Balloons released as team enters pep rally, or onto student audience at the end.

  • Prom or Homecoming Coronation, other awards ceremonies  Balloons released on/around winners as they are announced.

  • New Year's Eve  Balloons released at midnight.

  • Wedding Receptions  Balloons released onto the bride and groom as they enter the reception or at the end of their first dance.

How Does It Work?

  • You choose the color(s) of balloons you want.

  • We set up the balloon net, inflate all the balloons, and suspend the net from the ceiling.  (Ceiling height must be 14' minimum)

  • At the appropriate time, the ripcord is pulled and the balloons are released, creating a frenzy of color and excitement!

Can I Do It Cheaper On My Own?

Maybe, but there's a lot more that goes into a balloon drop than the cost of the balloons.  We've developed special tools and techniques which have allowed us to improve our efficiency dramatically and can deliver a turn-key (or more accurately, pull-string) solution to add a balloon drop to your next event with zero hassle AND the assurance that everything will work properly when the time comes to pull the string.  Beware of false economy!

More Nitty Gritty Details

If suspending the net from the ceiling is not an option, in some application we are able to make the balloon drop freestanding by hoisting it up with extra tall tripod stands we use for our truss lighting systems.

If the ceiling has exposed structural members, we connect to those.  We also have special clips to connect to the structural grid of a standard drop ceiling (any ceiling with 2'x2' or 2'x4' tiles).

Depending on ceiling height and connection method required, you may need to provide us an adequately tall ladder or man lift to assist us in rigging the balloon net to the ceiling.

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