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Top 10 Dance Songs of 2013

Keeping the tradition of the past couple years alive, here are 10 of our favorite dance songs from 2013. Note: This list is strictly based on danceability, crowd response we have seen at wedding receptions and school dances, and likelihood that we are singing along and tapping our toes in the DJ booth--you can judge musical merit for yoursef!

In case you don't keep up on pop trends to know the songs by name, we've included links to YouTube videos for ease of hearing them for yourself. Please note that while everything in our music library is radio-edited (and we further screen for content when necessary), some of these links are not.

10. The Monster - Eminem featuring Rihanna To be perfectly honest, I'm not a big fan of most rap music. However, I do respect Eminem as an artist--and Rihanna on the chorus helps elevate this to "anthem" status. Watch video on YouTube

9. Boys 'Round Here - Blake Shelton featuring Pistol Annies The most popular party country song of the year from what I've seen. Perhaps someday I'll buy a set of camo overalls and be as cool as the DJ in the music video.Watch video on YouTube

8. Wake Me Up - Avicii Personally one of my favorite songs of the year, this has also been massively popular on the homecoming dance circuit in the fall (and has probably gained notoriety since then). I'm also a fan of the Paul Mendez remix version with the right crowd. Watch video on YouTube or Watch Paul Mendez Remix

7. Timber - Pitbull featuring Ke$ha Ke$ha really kinda scares me. But Pitbull is a master at making dance pop hits, and he did well with this one--the chorus is about as catchy as they come. Watch video on YouTube

6. Radioactive (Grouplove & Captain Cuts Remix) - Imagine Dragons Radioactive was one of the most popular songs of 2013, however being a mid-tempo alternative song the original version isn't particularly easy to dance to. The Grouplove/Captain Cuts remix solves that issue while remaining fairly true to its origins. Watch video on YouTube

5. Roar - Katy Perry Catchy with a high likelihood to make females in the general vicinity run screaming to the dance floor and sing along. Watch video on YouTube

4. Cruise Remix - Florda Georgia Line featuring Nelly I actually really prefer the original (non-Nelly) version. However, the remix is what gets requested, and what we've seen go over better in most dance environments. This is also one of only a handful of songs that bridges the gap and appeals to both country and rap/urban fans... which can be hard demographics to keep happy simultaneously at a school dance. Watch video on YouTube

3. Thrift Shop This is kinda cheating--because this song actually came out in the fall of 2012--but it didn't really gain major mainstream popularity until 2013 so we're going to roll with it. The versions we play are all squeakly clean, but YouTube doesn't seem to offer an edited version with the original music video, and the video is pretty entertaining if you haven't seen it. Watch video on YouTube

2. I Love It - Icona Pop Big beats and a chorus that practically requires you to jump up and down and scream along to the lyrics--what's not to like? Watch music video on YouTube

1. Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke featuring T.I. & Pharell Though the popularity has waned a little bit at this point (and I fear may have crosed the line of being overplayed) this was THE song of the summer. If you're a Puritan you probably shouldn't listen to the lyrics very closely... but the beat is sure catchy, and it showed on the dance floor (which at weddings would commonly feature middle-aged women rocking out along side 20-somethings). For further entertainment, I recommend checking out the Jimmy Kimmel version of the video. Watch video on YouTube

Did we miss your favorite song of 2013? Leave a comment on our facebook page and let us know!

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