2002 Adams County Fair Teen Dance

July 19, 2002

A Note from Steve
Here are the much anticipated pictures. Just click the little ones and the bigger version should open. I'm not sure what caused the spots present on some pictures (haven't this camera long enough to get it completely figured out yet), but other than that they came out pretty well. If you have any problems with the pictures, comments, or know of someone who might be interested in my services, email (steve@stevesmobilemusic.com) or call (322-3426 or 515 460-3736 cell). I would very much like to hear from you!

I don't believe I ever really mentioned it over the microphone, but this gig was basically the 2nd birthday of Steve's Mobile Music. I doubt many of you were there for the fair teen dance two years ago, but things have definitely come a long way since then. Thanks for coming! (Or if you weren't there, shame on you, but thanks for looking at the pictures!) I had a great time, and hope to see you all again real soon!


If you would like to be notified of any future Steve's Mobile Music events in the area (like Teen Dances in Lenox), email me at steve@stevesmobilemusic.com and I'll send out a mass email a week or so prior to the dance.

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